Its all about the tests

Nathan C. Dallon
2 min readMar 24, 2020

March 24th of the year of our Lord 2020.

The country is itching to get back to normal life. Fears regarding economic disruption are rising just as the number of COVID-19 cases are rising around the US.

As with everything else, how to approach the virus has become a partisan issue. Those on the right want a quick fix that focuses on limiting econimic harm.

Those on the left want a prolonged lockdown to preserve life and restructure the economy.

For nearly one week things seemed, almost, unified. That is now over. The tribal silliness is back to its normal state BUT the stakes are now higher than ever.

The key is still testing.

South Korea has given the world a model for getting out of the crisis.

“The backbone of Korea’s success has been mass, indiscriminate testing, followed by rigorous contact tracing and the quarantine of anyone the carrier has come into contact with.”

S. korea has tested over 300,000 people and has fewer than 9,000 positive tests.

Why test so many people with no sympotoms? Because the point of testing is track WHERE THE VIRUS IS. A targeted quarantine can only happen IF you know where the virus is TODAY.

Limiting testing to those who have symptoms tells you where the virus was 4 days ago. You aren’t stopping the spread of the virus by keeping those with symptoms quarantined, mereley limiting the spread.

Testing. Testing. Testing. Over test. Test some more. Test the same people twice a week.

That is how we find the virus. Quarantine those who have it. And then stop its spread dead in its tracks.

Currently, Europe and the US don’t have enough tests to overtest. They have to limit testing to those with symptoms due to scarcity.

That scarcity has to go away. Priority number 1 is get more tests now.

MY NUMBER 1 COMPLAINT with the Federal Government right now is its unwillingness to to buy S. Korean tests.